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Mar 31, 2008

In this show Gerard and Peter catch up with Wil Hodgson (Straight Outto Chippenham), the pink haired, punk, with an unrivaled collection of my little pony's.

They are then joined by Maeve Higgins (appears with Claudia O’Doherty in Ha Ha Yum). The pair are not very trendy, the burns on their arms are much more likely to be from cooking than from self harm, and that’s fine. Maeve covered a range of topics in the show, fridge magnets, robots and sisters, topics not covered include currency exchange rate and differences between men and women.

The final person in the studio was Louise Sanz - Vic Finalist in Raw Comedy Nationals

She is a 28-year-old Melb-based comedian/producer/writers and she has been doing comedy for less than 12 months.
Tues night just gone she made it through to the national finals of RAW COMEDY with her character piece about unrequited love (although that gives away the punchline, the audience does not know that she is not in a relationship with the person she loves until the very end).
Her first gig ever was Jeez Louise this time last year and this year, she is on a panel at the Funny Womens’ Forum with with Nelly Thomas and Judith Lucy to get some perspective on women comedians who have performed for one, five and twenty years respectively.
In the past 12 months she has started a network for female comedians called The Skirt Network which is booming – described as a Social network for funny ladies of any humorous persuasion – performers, writers, producers, directors.


<>   – also has a FaceBook group.
This year she has produced Geraldine Hickey’s and Celia Paquola’s shows among others.