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May 27, 2018

In the studio this week are Dr. Krystal, Dr. Ray, Dr. Linden and Dr Shane.

News: In preserving works of art it's sometimes necessary to remove adhesive tape using hydrogels.

Today's first guest (via Skype) Rachael Dudaniec from Macquarie University talks about damselflies who seem to be in distress.

Today's second guest (in the studio) Prof. Louis Moresi talks about plate tectonics, hotspots, Kilauea and computer modelling.

More News: the Keeling curve (why it's measured in Hawaii) reaching 410ppm CO2 in the atmosphere, ebola outbreak in the Congo and how modelling tools have evolved from previous outbreaks and the Sensory Scientific Exhibition at Monash (particularly aimed at the Vision Impaired) - Tickets here.

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