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Nov 30, 2015

Dr Shane is joined in the studio with Einstein A Go-Go regulars Dr Diani and Dr Ray.

The team kicks things off by discussing some science news / creepy crawler talk, more specifically recent studies in 'Shapeshifting Woms' and 'Blue Tarantulas.'

Dr Shane then leads a discussion on the issue of taste. Asking questions like, 'Do we learn taste? (as we do with smell) - Thanks to the people at Columbia Universtity, we may have some answers.

First Guest : Dr Peter Moore - research fellow and entrepreneur in residence in the school of engineering and mathematical sciences at Latrobe University.

Dr Moore and the team discuss the exciting new developments surrounding the University's involvement with the International space station in Germany.

Second Guest: Dr Ramin Shayan - Reconstructive plastic surgeon at St Vincent's, Alfred & Royal Melbourne hospitals  / Director of O'Brien institute at St Vincents institute / Clinical Senior lecturer in department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Shayan joins the team in the studio to discuss all things Micro-surgery. What is it exactly? Where did it start? Why is it so important?

Third Guest : Dr Richard Sandberg - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne school of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Sandberg discusses his team's recent work on Aircraft engine design and more specifically computer modelling and how it's use has enabled them to achieve an output of 3000 years of work in just 1 year.


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