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Dec 20, 2015

Bron, Dr Surf, Terri, Rex and Jeff bring 2015 Radio Marinara to a close with a look forward to summer. Rex Hunter takes a look at World War 1 Australian Submarines and then loss of AE1 and AE2, plus a general wrap up of summer maritime archaeology activity. Terri talks summer snorkelling – where are the best spots in Victoria? Also Nudibranchs of Blairgowrie (new reality show perhaps?), smooth rays, boat tours and dolphin swims.Dr Surf brings news of the release of the Bells Beach Management Plan, released this week by Environment Minister Lisa Neville, and some news of surf comps including a new Tom Carroll on the horizon of competition surfing. Live music from the Mornington Peninsula with The Warrains. And Jeff sees us all out with what he promises to be the most amazing Soundwaves segment EVER!