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Jul 28, 2013

Blackfish is about to screen at MIFF, and tells the story of the collision between a multi-billion dollar theme-park franchise and its 5-ton star attraction, an orca named Tilikum. Gabriela Cowperthwaite is the Director and Producer of Blackfish, and spoke with Bron during the week about this incredible film and how little general understanding there is of what really goes on in, around and behind the orca tanks. Sean Wilmore, Director of the Thin Green Line, and President of the International Ranger Federation, joins us to talk about the upcoming World Ranger Day, the Annual Gala Dinner fundraiser for the Thin Green Line, and what he's been up to in London, rubbing shoulders'll have to wait! And if that wasn't enough, we'll have the Boite Millenium Chorus in (maybe not all 300 of them) to sing some pieces from their upcoming concert 'Coco de Mer' at Melbourne Town Hall.