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Mar 31, 2015

For his regular segment on Spoke this week, New Matilda’s political correspondent Ben Eltham provides an overview of the recent NSW State Election, in which the Coalition’s Mike Baird was re-elected, comfortably defeating his Labor opponent Luke Foley. Ben discusses the key topics of the election, such as the proposed leasing of half of the state’s electricity networks, and the continuing political influence of Alan Jones as a broadcaster. They also touch on Treasurer Joe Hockey’s latest tax white paper on ‘tax reform’.

The Marxism Conference will be held in Melbourne on 2 - 5April 2015. Khury Petersen Smith, international activist and participant in the #blacklivesmatter movement joins Michelle in the studio ahead of his appearance at the Marxism Conference. He explains how the #blacklivesmatter movement started in the US after the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, and explains significance of the protests that followed and what it means for the broader movement.

Next, Michelle chats to regular guest Sophie Black, Editor in Chief at Private Media, about the announcement of the closure of women’s news and opinion site The Hoopla, and the current gendered media landscape.


Also a guest of the upcoming Marxism Conference, author Anand Gopal chats to Michelle about his new book ‘No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban and the War Through Afghan Eyes’. The book traces the lives of three Afghans caught in America’s War on Terror. He discusses the current situation in Afghanistan, which he describes as a ‘proxy war’ between two sides in an incredibly violent setting.