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Nov 15, 2018

This week's episode's focus is the Brain. Using their brains to talk about brains are the Radiotherapists Nurse Epipen and Doctor Mel Practice. Joining them were three very special, brain-centric guests. Inspirational speaker and stroke survivor Emma Gee discusses her story and her new book 'Reinventing...

Nov 7, 2018

In this week's episode Panel Beater, Dr. Do-Little, Dr. Capri and Training Wheels delved into the topics of psychological fonts and saying no to patients. Joined by RMIT Behavioural Business Lab expert Dr. Janneke Blijlevens, the team discussed a new font called 'Sans Forgetica.' Dr. Capri also discussed her experiences...

Oct 27, 2018

Rainbow Doc, Panel Beater, Miss Medic and Doctor Malice joined you this week on Radiotherapy, with a long list of topics and issues, ranging from the topics of sexology, to art therapy, to inherent bullying within the medical field.

Oct 21, 2018

In front of a live studio audience, the Radiotherapy team of Mal Practice, Dr. Do-Little and Autonomy celebrate Radiotherapy's 25 years in style. Joined by two special guests Jill Stark and Nelly Thomas, the team traversed the massive topic of mental health to celebrate World Mental Health Day. 

Oct 21, 2018

Panel Beater, Peri Partum, Lady Gaga and Dr. Sharma guides you through a plethora of issues on today's show. Dr. Catherine Crook AM brought her knowledge on the use of music in the medical field. Dr. Sharma brought in the eloquent and profound Ruth Mitchell to discuss Nauru, and its detention centres. Lady Gaga...